Video TutorialsΒΆ

Prepared by Dr Clay Sneller and Carlos Ignacio of Ohio State University, the following video tutorials are available to assist you in learning how to use Flapjack.

Module 1.0 - Introduction to Training and Flapjack (Download)

Module 2.1 - Basic Data Files and Operations (Download)

Module 2.2 - Advanced Data Import Options (Download)

Module 3.0 - Visualizations (Download)

Module 4.0 - Phenotypic Data And Genetic Relatedness (Download)

Module 5.0 - Marker-Assisted Backcrossing (MABC) (Download)

Module 6.1 - Pedigree Verification: F1 Verification (Download)

Module 6.2 - Pedigree Verification: Line Verification (Download)

Module 7.1 - Forward Breeding (Download)

Module 7.2 - Indexed Forward Breeding (Download)

Module 8.1 - Batch Analysis (Download)

Module 8.2 - Consensus and Splitting Tool (CAST) (Download)